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I. Monographic Section: Evidence and mechanisms:

- Guest editor’s presentation (Valeriano Iranzo).
- Mechanisms, good and bad (Harold Kincaid).
- The feasibility and malleability of EBM (Jon Williamson).
- Assessing the role of evidence of mechanisms in causal extrapolation (Saúl Pérez-González, Valeriano Iranzo).

II. Articles:

- No matter who: What makes one a relativist? (Eduardo Pérez-Navarro).
- Defending the motivational theory of desire (David Pineda-Oliva).
- Newton’s experimental proofs (Timm Lampert).

III. Book Reviews:

- Adolfo García de la .....
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I. Articles:

- Towards a generalization of the logic of grounding (Francesca Poggiolesi, Nissim Francez).
- Making sense of the ‘is’ of constitution (Ezequiel Zerbudis).
- Fictionalism and Meinongianism (Nathaniel Gan).
- Uptake: ¿entender o aceptar? (Antonio Blanco Salgueiro).
- El holobionte/hologenoma como nivel de selección: una aproximación a la evolución de los consorcios de múltiples especies (Javier Suárez).
- Quasi-truth and incomplete information in historical sciences (Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart, Vítor Medeiros Costa).
- Discharging the moral responsibility for collective unjust .....
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I. In Honour of Miguel Sánchez-Mazas:

- The fanciful optimism of Miguel Sánchez-Mazas. Let us calculate... = Freedom and Justice (Javier de Lorenzo, Andoni Ibarra).

II. The Lullius Lectures:

- Middle-range theory: Without it what could anyone do? (Nancy Cartwright).

III. Articles:

- Cómo argumentar con coherencia (José Ángel Gascón).
- Free will and (in)determinism in the brain: a case for naturalized philosophy (Louis Vervoort, Tomasz Blusiewicz).
- Natural kinds: a new synthesis (Anouk Barberousse, Françoise Longy, Francesca Merlin, Stéphanie Ruphy).
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I. Articles:

- The rehabilitation of deductive reasoning (Thomas Bartelborth).
- Perception as a propositional attitude (Daniel E. Kalpokas).
- How to be a realist about Minkowski spacetime without believing in magical explanations (Adán Sus).
- Morir para vivir. La muerte celular como proceso regulador (María Belén Campero, Cristián Favre, Cristian Saborido).
- Does impartial reasoning matter in economic decisions? An experimental result about distributive (un)fairness in a production context (Laura Marcon, Pedro Francés-Gómez, Marco Faillo).
- On Archimedes’ statics (Mario Bacelar Valente).
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I. Monographic Section: The Philosophical Legacy of Jerry Fodor (Guest editor: David Rey).

- Guest editor’s presentation (David Rey).
- Global aphasia and the language of thought (Fred Adams).
- Some theoretical and empirical background to Fodor’s systematicity arguments (Kenneth Aizawa).
- Not rational, but not brutely causal either: A response to Fodor on concept acquisition (Louise Antony).
- Fodor on multiple realizability and nonreductive physicalism: Why the argument does not work (José Luis Bermúdez & Arnon Cahen).
- Fodor and demonstratives in LOT (Una Stojnic & Ernie Lepore).

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I. Monographic section: Innovation in/through science (Guest editors: Thomas Nickles & Thomas Sturm):

- Guest editors’ introduction (Thomas Sturm & Thomas Nickles).
- Scientific innovation: A conceptual explication and a dilemma (Thomas Sturm).
- What is innovation? New lessons from biology (Sergio F. Martínez).
- The crowbar model of method and its implications (Thomas Nickles).
- Convergencia de experimento y teoría en los procesos de invención e innovación (David Casacuberta & Anna Estany).
- Technical innovation in human science: Examples in cognitive technologies (Charles Lenay).

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I. Monographic section: Questions about science:

- Guest editor’s introduction (Vincenzo Politi).
- The aim of belief and the aim of science (Alexander Bird).
- Scientific ignorance: Probing the limits of scientific research and knowledge production (Manuela Fernández Pinto).
- Scientific knowledge in the age of computation: Explicated, computable and manageable? (Sophia Efstathiou, with Rune Nydal, Astrid LÆgreid, Martin Kuiper).
- The interdisciplinarity revolution (Vincenzo Politi).

II. Articles:

- On Euclidean diagrams and geometrical knowledge (Tamires dal Magro, Manuel J. .....
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I. Articles:
- Un enfoque argumentativo sobre la abducción y sobre la ponderación de hipótesis explicativas (Paula Olmos).
- Kant, the transcendental designation of I, and the direct reference theory (Luca Forgione).
- Semantic content and compositional context-sensitivity (Esther Romero and Belén Soria).
- Justification, conversation, and folk psychology (Víctor Fernández Castro).
- Wiring optimization explanation in neuroscience: What is special about it? (Sergio Daniel Barberis).
- La capacidad unificadora de las teorías científicas. Una propuesta alternativa desde el estructuralismo metateórico al .....
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–Causalidad mental y neurociencia: el modelo de la poda semántica, José Manuel Muñoz
–Non-conceptualism, observational concepts, and the given, Federico Castellano
A plea for realistic assumptions in economic modelling, Leonardo Ivarola
–What do light clocks say to us regarding the so-called clock hypothesis?, Mario Bacelar Valente
–Realismo estructural epistémico, modalidad y leyes de la naturaleza, Bruno Borge
Monographic Section: Delia Graff Fara. A celebration of her life and career
Guest editor: Genoveva Martí; Guest editor’s presentation: Genoveva Martí
–Katherine and the .....
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Monographic Section I: Updating indispensabilities: Putnam in memoriam (Guest Editor: Mary Leng):

- Guest Editor’s Introduction (Mary Leng).
- Putnam and contemporary fictionalism (Concha Martínez Vidal).
- Hilary Putnam on the philosophy of logic and mathematics (José Miguel Sagüillo).
- Putnam’s indispensability argument revisited, reassessed, revived (Otávio Bueno).
- Indispensability, causation and explanation (Sorin Bangu).
- Mathematical explanation and indispensability (Susan Vineberg).
- The indispensability argument and the nature of mathematical objects (Matteo Plebani).

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