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Online journalism: research methods. A multidisciplinary approach in comparative perspective
Palacios, Marcos; Díaz Noci, Javier (eds.)
Materia: Periodismo; Informática
Páginas: 176
Fecha de edición: 2009
ISBN/ISSN: 978-84-9860-191-6
Idioma: Castellano/Inglés
Tipo de edición: Digital

Precio c/IVA:
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Journalism on digital networks, and specifically on Internet, is a relatively recent phenomenon, whose spread began in approximately 1994, in parallel to that of the World Wide Web. Study of this new communicative phenomenon began simultaneously in several countries. This, in its turn, was helped by the new possibilities for communication amongst academics - electronic mail, predating the WWW, was, and is, one of the most widely used tools of the university community. The spread of these new forms of global communication helped to raise mutual awareness between research groups, making it possible to form increasingly broad and cohesive networks.